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March 31, 2020

Lowell Cafe in West Hollywood: A Unique Cannabis Lounge 

Sep 28, 2019

Although California legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, it’s still not permitted to smoke it in public, which is why cannabis lounges are gaining popularity. These establishments are a safe place where individuals can smoke without judgement. In West Hollywood, Lowell Cafe is getting plenty of attention as the first cannabis restaurant in the United States. This establishment is open to locals and tourists who want to enjoy cannabis in a relaxing environment with an array of delicious, fresh cuisine.

More About Lowell Cafe

Lowell Cafe is owed by Lowell Farms, which only harvests organic marijuana and cannabis products that are free of harmful pesticides. This unique establishment offers farm-to-table dining options in a welcoming and contemporary environment. The interior design of this cannabis lounge features a Mediterranean flare with decor that was imported from Morocco and Spain. The plush oasis has plenty of space where patrons can enjoy a wide range of THC products.

Andrea Drummer is the executive chef of Lowell Cafe and has dedicated six years to preparing THC-infused recipes for her customers. Chef Drummer has created countless cannabis-infused dishes and was named of the the top cannabis chefs in Los Angeles.

The goal of this cannabis lounge is to offer options that are healthy and delicious in an approachable environment. While the food at this cannabis lounge doesn’t directly contain THC, the cuisine is meant to compliment the enlightened senses of cannabis consumption. The establishment will offer a limited selection of edibles, which are made off-site, that will be available at the retail counter. The food menu changes seasonally with ingredients that are purchased from local farmers markets. The cannabis menu changes daily and is based on the availability of seasonal harvests from Lowell Farms.

For first-time and less experienced users, Lowell Cafe offers Flower Hosts who can help patrons choose a strain that meets their needs. In order to be served at this establishment, a valid government issued photo I.D. is required. The establishment takes reservations and also offers private events.

Lowell Cafe has 11 investors and partners. The goal of these individuals was to create a stunning establishment where patrons can learn about cannabis and enjoy a variety of organic products. This establishment is gaining attention because it’s not a traditional dispensary. It’s a unique concept of integrating a cafe with a cannabis dispensary.

There were more than 300 businesses that applied for an on-premises consumption license in West Hollywood, and Lowell Cafe is one of eight applicants that obtained a license. However, Lowell Cafe is the only cannabis lounge to offer fresh cuisine. As soon as it was announced that West Hollywood would offer consumption licenses, Lowell Farms began working with a longtime community activist to develop a concept that would accurately represent the ethos and social consciousness of West Hollywood.

About Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms only grows flowers with organic fertilizer. The company offers a variety of products that are available in the cafe and online. Consumers can purchase indica, sativa, and hybrid blends, and the products are always packaged in natural materials. The cannabis oil offered by Lowell Farms is free of solvents, toxins, and chemicals.

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Glo Yoga Classes Online Can Help You Become the Zen That You Were Destined To Be

Sep 28, 2019

Have you ever hustled to the gym after work, only to find out that your usual yoga class is full? Do you dread practicing your Peacock Pose in front of a roomful of people? Do you often wish that you could practice yoga in the comfort of your own home but have no idea where to begin?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have a solution for you. Glo is a unique online source of yoga, pilates, and meditation classes. Stay-at-home mothers. Teachers. Grandparents. Athletes. A wide variety of individual from various backgrounds with differing goals are all connected by one goal: to seek out peace and inner awakening through their yoga practice. Glo offers everyone a way to quiet the mind and feed their chakras within their own space.

We all know that a yoga practice is much more than simply mimicking different vinyasas or mastering a headstand pose. The mission of Glo is to help create a world in which everyone lives to their full potential. Keeping this goal in mind, Glo offers hundred of expert-led courses in an virtual setting. Whether you have a moment to focus on breathing and meditation or a full hour to devote to your daily practice, Glo’s online content library is available for your specific needs.

How Does Yoga Class Online Work?

For just $18 per month, clients can gain unlimited access to yoga, meditation, and pilates classes. These classes can be accessed by signing in at If you have five minutes for a quick meditation led by an instructor on your phone, Glo has it covered. If you need a 45-minute restorative yoga session after a stressful day, Glo is there, too. Classes can be viewed on a phone, tablet, laptop, and can even be streamed to a television.

How Do I Choose Which Practice to Begin?

Where you lead, Glo will follow. Courses are organized by experience level, ranging from Beginner to Teacher. Select the flow that best matches your practice aspirations, and browse through the available classes. Each courses offers a description title, detailed course overview, and the associated experience level. If you begin a yoga class online only to find that it’s not a good fit, simply select another one to begin. Users can match classes by experience, style, time constraints, and focus to find the perfect online yoga class for you.

All About the Instructors

All classes are led by experienced, knowledgeable instructors who aim to help students in mastering skills and deepening their practice. Not only are Glo teachers world-class and certified, they are also trained in yoga texts, various yoga traditions, and proper form. As stated by one client, “Yoga and meditation are lifelong paths. There is always more to learn.” Our teachers hold that statement near to their hearts and take pride in the lifelong journey of each and every client.

Why Not Try It Out?

With hundreds of yoga videos at your fingertips, you would be hard-pressed to find a yoga class online that you don’t love. However, in the event that you do, Glo offers cancellation at any time. A free trial is also available for yogis to see just how much they will love the freedom and flexibility of yoga class online.

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Status Labs and the New World of Reputation Management

Sep 28, 2019

A reputation defines people, businesses, charities, and even entire cities. Maintaining a positive reputation means a lot for anyone and anything in the public eye. Imagine if trash workers go on strike in a vacation area. Poor reviews could flood the internet, creating troubles for the location’s tourism industry. When local politicians fail to take action, public perceptions won’t change.

Similarly, a person who suffers from scandal, controversy, or bad press may find career troubles follow him/her. A basic Google search of the person’s name may drudge up problems from years ago. If an incident from 2013 appears in multiple page-one search result listings, the issue isn’t in the past. It is creating a problem in the present.

Are there any steps capable of rehabilitating a damaged reputation? Status Labs has an answer, and it comes in the form of reputation management.

Fixing a Reputation

Persons dealing with negative comments on review platforms, message boards, and social media sites often find getting the material removed next to impossible. Online platforms may maintain strict rules regarding the removal of content or lack thereof. Courts ruled free speech protects published online content. While these truths create concerns, don’t assume a reputation can’t be rehabilitated even when the internet proves unkind.

Taking deliberate steps to produce material that makes someone or something look good factors into a reputation management plan. For example, a well-known local celebrity might launch a charitable endeavor during the holiday season. The good deed could impact how people perceive this person. Changing perceptions, however, hinge on making others aware of the positive action.

Reputation management often takes on two forms: company and personal spheres. Status Labs offers services that address both. With companies, steps involve assisting with rebuilding the company’s brand and addressing bad reviews and other troubles affecting revenue. With personal rep management, the focus shifts to a private individual. A person’s life can be horribly impacted by online smear campaigns and unfair news reports. Methods do exist to alleviate the impact.

The Path to a Better Reputation

Through deliberate, proven actions, a reputation could experience a positive change. Even when a person or business suffers through an enormous amount of bad press, a decent reputation management campaign could help mitigate things. Blog content, for example, works wonders for building up positive material online. Remember, many people learn about individuals and businesses through what they read online. If only negative content shows up online, then how could anyone come up with a different opinion?

Creating hundreds of blog articles that speak highly about someone provides valuable alternative press. Publishing tons of online articles highlighting a corporation’s philanthropic endeavors does the same. What you cannot do is nothing.

The Problems Don’t Go Away On Their Own

Assuming bad news will pass and people are going to forget isn’t the best plan. After all, anything published on the internet stays there for virtually forever. When someone types a query into the search engine boxes, they’ll see tons of website and blog pages discussing a person or company. If that material is negative, it will continue telling a sordid tale for years.

Status Labs offers a solution in the form of search engine optimization. SEO work centers on moving desired websites and blogs up the search engine ranking. The goal here involves moving positive published content ahead of harmful material.

SEO work requires a knowledgeable and delicate hand. The search engines don’t appreciate spamming or any attempts at breaking established rules. As such, SEO work belongs in the hands of professionals.

The Status Labs Way

Status Labs initially launched in Austin, TX several years ago. The company provided reputation management services to many well-known companies and private citizens. Status Labs’ success translated into a global business with offices in several major cities. Check out what the company can offer you.

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Social Media Analytics Results Translated by NetBase

Sep 28, 2019

Leading social media analytics company NetBase provides technology tools that allow companies to fully understand customers. It helps businesses lead a social media marketing strategy in the direction its customers are heading.

NetBase breaks down data such as customer emotions, opinions, attitudes, and behaviors. It can even use photographs posted to social media to decipher consumer intention. Interpreted results are 90 percent accurate.

NetBase is on the leading edge.

The company launched with top-of-the-line technology in social media analytics, including the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As one of the first data analysis companies to use AI, it has stayed ahead of the curve. Testimonials from major corporations like Coca-Cola and iHeartRadio concur. Other clients like Taco Bell and Visa laud NetBase’s foremost position in social media analytics.

NetBase is highly precise, and its accuracy is a result of careful and rapid processing. The platform has an amazing technological ability to understand English language. Full sentences are interpreted as it translates brand-related chatter found in the social media sphere. A pre-indexed database of 10 billion pages and a year history for individual brands allows rapid predictive analysis. With a yearly service fee, unlimited tracking and consumer analysis are available at the touch of a finger.

The price for data results.

NetBase generates easily decipherable charts and graphs that effortlessly explain your customer’s social media behavior in a straightforward manner. A monthly subscription starts at $250 per month. For five topics sharable by all users, it’s $1,500 per month.

NetBase provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which interpolate how well a company’s advertising and marketing are working, including such results as customer awareness and brand performance. KPI is but one tool in the NetBase toolbox.

Social media analytics tools provided by NetBase include:

Consumer Experience Analytics – Measures detailed information about your customer; social engagement, survey response, purchase intentions, and customer journey.

Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence – NetBase created the first auto-discovery AI tool which can discover the social listening space and translate the data.

Social Media Analytics – NetBase uses AI to help you engage with your customer’s loyalty by not missing their positive feedback. With these tools, you can “hear” every customer.

Image Analytics and Photo Concepts – People share over 3 billion photos per day. NetBase measures objects, emotion, scenes, brand or logo, and image text.

Dashboards and Reports – With easy-to-read, tailored results available at the touch of a button, social insights are easy to decipher.

Next Generation Platform – Next Generation Artificial Intelligence keeps up to the speed of social networking by delivering speeds five times faster than other platforms.

Out-of-the-Box Integration with API – Real-time integration, combining social listening data with other data sources, increases business efficiency.

NetBase 2019 is coming soon:

To gain further insight into social media analytics and hear about the latest technology trends, attend NetBase Live.

The yearly conference meets in N.Y. and L.A. At both venues, NetBase Chairman & CEO Peter Caswell will present, “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence is Here.”

Los Angeles – October 22 -23, 2019

InterContinental Downtown in Downtown Los Angeles

Keynote Speaker: Carlos Gil, Author, Consultant, Media Personality

“The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI

New York November 12 -13, 2019

The Convene Conference Center in Manhattan

Keynote Speaker: Chris Malone, Former Fortune 500 CMO

“The HUMAN Brand: Building Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age”

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Think about a Couple of Factors While Selecting Online Math Tutoring

Sep 2, 2019

Previously decade, internet access has escalated. Alongside this, those activities that may be carried out utilizing online services also have grown. Recently, the web is becoming more broadly employed for sites, including mathematics. But could it be the ideal choice and just how will it rival conventional methods of tutoring?


Availability – The primary advantage for a lot of users of internet math tutoring is availability. Best Math tutors are for sale to sessions 24 hrs each day, enabling students to organize sessions around other commitments and making the service more appropriate for non-conventional students, for instance, adults coming back to education who might be juggling studying with employment.

One-to-one tutoring – Unlike a classroom, a web-based tutor is going to be supplying a 1-to-one service, therefore giving a student their complete attention. This implies that sessions could be tailored to match a specific student’s weaknesses and strengths, unlike an organization session in which the abilities of students need to be taken into consideration. Formerly, one-to-one tutoring continues to be connected with costly tuition costs, however the internet makes this type of tutoring affordable for that average family.

Tools – Sessions on the web are simple to record which enables a student to replay a session later on, to revise and consolidate the trained concepts. Some online tutors offer mobile apps, growing ease of access to tuition.


Student-teacher relationship – Creating a relationship having a tutor might be harder online, where there’s limited in person contact. If students cannot build the rapport they require having a tutor, they might become disinterested within the subject. Likewise, the internet tutors may find it hard to engage students on the internet and encourage learning.

Internet connectivity – Although using the web is becoming prevalent, it’s still not every-encompassing. There are lots of rural areas around the globe that don’t have internet access whatsoever, although in other locations internet access might be slow and time-consuming. This can be particularly relevant if using applications, for example individuals utilizing audio-visual software, needs a certain connection speed.

Computer skills – Students an internet-based tutors will need a particular degree of IT (It) proficiency so that you can access sites and apply the job packages. Although this tends to not matter for that typical youthful student, this might marginalize other students, for example adult education students. Likewise, very youthful children might not have the abilities needed.

It’s the responsibility of the best math tutor is to make math interesting to the students struggling for quite some time to understand different rules and theories of solving math. Inspiration and constant motivation of a good math tutor help students immensely.

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