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Social Media Analytics Results Translated by NetBase

Leading social media analytics company NetBase provides technology tools that allow companies to fully understand customers. It helps businesses lead a social media marketing strategy in the direction its customers are heading.

NetBase breaks down data such as customer emotions, opinions, attitudes, and behaviors. It can even use photographs posted to social media to decipher consumer intention. Interpreted results are 90 percent accurate.

NetBase is on the leading edge.

The company launched with top-of-the-line technology in social media analytics, including the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As one of the first data analysis companies to use AI, it has stayed ahead of the curve. Testimonials from major corporations like Coca-Cola and iHeartRadio concur. Other clients like Taco Bell and Visa laud NetBase’s foremost position in social media analytics.

NetBase is highly precise, and its accuracy is a result of careful and rapid processing. The platform has an amazing technological ability to understand English language. Full sentences are interpreted as it translates brand-related chatter found in the social media sphere. A pre-indexed database of 10 billion pages and a year history for individual brands allows rapid predictive analysis. With a yearly service fee, unlimited tracking and consumer analysis are available at the touch of a finger.

The price for data results.

NetBase generates easily decipherable charts and graphs that effortlessly explain your customer’s social media behavior in a straightforward manner. A monthly subscription starts at $250 per month. For five topics sharable by all users, it’s $1,500 per month.

NetBase provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which interpolate how well a company’s advertising and marketing are working, including such results as customer awareness and brand performance. KPI is but one tool in the NetBase toolbox.

Social media analytics tools provided by NetBase include:

Consumer Experience Analytics – Measures detailed information about your customer; social engagement, survey response, purchase intentions, and customer journey.

Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence – NetBase created the first auto-discovery AI tool which can discover the social listening space and translate the data.

Social Media Analytics – NetBase uses AI to help you engage with your customer’s loyalty by not missing their positive feedback. With these tools, you can “hear” every customer.

Image Analytics and Photo Concepts – People share over 3 billion photos per day. NetBase measures objects, emotion, scenes, brand or logo, and image text.

Dashboards and Reports – With easy-to-read, tailored results available at the touch of a button, social insights are easy to decipher.

Next Generation Platform – Next Generation Artificial Intelligence keeps up to the speed of social networking by delivering speeds five times faster than other platforms.

Out-of-the-Box Integration with API – Real-time integration, combining social listening data with other data sources, increases business efficiency.

NetBase 2019 is coming soon:

To gain further insight into social media analytics and hear about the latest technology trends, attend NetBase Live.

The yearly conference meets in N.Y. and L.A. At both venues, NetBase Chairman & CEO Peter Caswell will present, “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence is Here.”

Los Angeles – October 22 -23, 2019

InterContinental Downtown in Downtown Los Angeles

Keynote Speaker: Carlos Gil, Author, Consultant, Media Personality

“The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI

New York November 12 -13, 2019

The Convene Conference Center in Manhattan

Keynote Speaker: Chris Malone, Former Fortune 500 CMO

“The HUMAN Brand: Building Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age”

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