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Glo Yoga Classes Online Can Help You Become the Zen That You Were Destined To Be

Have you ever hustled to the gym after work, only to find out that your usual yoga class is full? Do you dread practicing your Peacock Pose in front of a roomful of people? Do you often wish that you could practice yoga in the comfort of your own home but have no idea where to begin?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have a solution for you. Glo is a unique online source of yoga, pilates, and meditation classes. Stay-at-home mothers. Teachers. Grandparents. Athletes. A wide variety of individual from various backgrounds with differing goals are all connected by one goal: to seek out peace and inner awakening through their yoga practice. Glo offers everyone a way to quiet the mind and feed their chakras within their own space.

We all know that a yoga practice is much more than simply mimicking different vinyasas or mastering a headstand pose. The mission of Glo is to help create a world in which everyone lives to their full potential. Keeping this goal in mind, Glo offers hundred of expert-led courses in an virtual setting. Whether you have a moment to focus on breathing and meditation or a full hour to devote to your daily practice, Glo’s online content library is available for your specific needs.

How Does Yoga Class Online Work?

For just $18 per month, clients can gain unlimited access to yoga, meditation, and pilates classes. These classes can be accessed by signing in at www.glo.com. If you have five minutes for a quick meditation led by an instructor on your phone, Glo has it covered. If you need a 45-minute restorative yoga session after a stressful day, Glo is there, too. Classes can be viewed on a phone, tablet, laptop, and can even be streamed to a television.

How Do I Choose Which Practice to Begin?

Where you lead, Glo will follow. Courses are organized by experience level, ranging from Beginner to Teacher. Select the flow that best matches your practice aspirations, and browse through the available classes. Each courses offers a description title, detailed course overview, and the associated experience level. If you begin a yoga class online only to find that it’s not a good fit, simply select another one to begin. Users can match classes by experience, style, time constraints, and focus to find the perfect online yoga class for you.

All About the Instructors

All classes are led by experienced, knowledgeable instructors who aim to help students in mastering skills and deepening their practice. Not only are Glo teachers world-class and certified, they are also trained in yoga texts, various yoga traditions, and proper form. As stated by one client, “Yoga and meditation are lifelong paths. There is always more to learn.” Our teachers hold that statement near to their hearts and take pride in the lifelong journey of each and every client.

Why Not Try It Out?

With hundreds of yoga videos at your fingertips, you would be hard-pressed to find a yoga class online that you don’t love. However, in the event that you do, Glo offers cancellation at any time. A free trial is also available for yogis to see just how much they will love the freedom and flexibility of yoga class online.

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