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Lowell Cafe in West Hollywood: A Unique Cannabis Lounge 

Although California legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, it’s still not permitted to smoke it in public, which is why cannabis lounges are gaining popularity. These establishments are a safe place where individuals can smoke without judgement. In West Hollywood, Lowell Cafe is getting plenty of attention as the first cannabis restaurant in the United States. This establishment is open to locals and tourists who want to enjoy cannabis in a relaxing environment with an array of delicious, fresh cuisine.

More About Lowell Cafe

Lowell Cafe is owed by Lowell Farms, which only harvests organic marijuana and cannabis products that are free of harmful pesticides. This unique establishment offers farm-to-table dining options in a welcoming and contemporary environment. The interior design of this cannabis lounge features a Mediterranean flare with decor that was imported from Morocco and Spain. The plush oasis has plenty of space where patrons can enjoy a wide range of THC products.

Andrea Drummer is the executive chef of Lowell Cafe and has dedicated six years to preparing THC-infused recipes for her customers. Chef Drummer has created countless cannabis-infused dishes and was named of the the top cannabis chefs in Los Angeles.

The goal of this cannabis lounge is to offer options that are healthy and delicious in an approachable environment. While the food at this cannabis lounge doesn’t directly contain THC, the cuisine is meant to compliment the enlightened senses of cannabis consumption. The establishment will offer a limited selection of edibles, which are made off-site, that will be available at the retail counter. The food menu changes seasonally with ingredients that are purchased from local farmers markets. The cannabis menu changes daily and is based on the availability of seasonal harvests from Lowell Farms.

For first-time and less experienced users, Lowell Cafe offers Flower Hosts who can help patrons choose a strain that meets their needs. In order to be served at this establishment, a valid government issued photo I.D. is required. The establishment takes reservations and also offers private events.

Lowell Cafe has 11 investors and partners. The goal of these individuals was to create a stunning establishment where patrons can learn about cannabis and enjoy a variety of organic products. This establishment is gaining attention because it’s not a traditional dispensary. It’s a unique concept of integrating a cafe with a cannabis dispensary.

There were more than 300 businesses that applied for an on-premises consumption license in West Hollywood, and Lowell Cafe is one of eight applicants that obtained a license. However, Lowell Cafe is the only cannabis lounge to offer fresh cuisine. As soon as it was announced that West Hollywood would offer consumption licenses, Lowell Farms began working with a longtime community activist to develop a concept that would accurately represent the ethos and social consciousness of West Hollywood.

About Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms only grows flowers with organic fertilizer. The company offers a variety of products that are available in the cafe and online. Consumers can purchase indica, sativa, and hybrid blends, and the products are always packaged in natural materials. The cannabis oil offered by Lowell Farms is free of solvents, toxins, and chemicals.

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