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How Walmart Dropshipping Works?

Walmart owns a chain of supermarkets including grocery and departmental stores. It is also a well-established online store that offers home delivery and in-store pickups. This America’s multinational supermarket is popular in major countries like the UK, Canada, China, etc.

DSV program

Walmart works on an e-commerce model. It is a retail store. This means when you place an order, Walmart first has the product delivered at its warehouse before shipping to the customer. It also runs a program called DSV or dropship vendor. The vendor signs a contract with Walmart and can directly ship products to a customer. Dropship vendors can list their items in the supplier center. When an order is placed, it gets passed to the vendor, who delivers it.

Walmart dropshipping currently offers four different options, which helps users become drop-ship vendors.

  1. Partner tools – It is a software assortment that helps supplier or vendor to list their items. Vendors can handle stock efficiently via Supplier centers. The tool even helps in processing and tracking received orders with ease.
  2. CSP [Control Service Provider] – If a supplier has problems in inventory management, Walmart offers options to select from approved CSP list and manage their catalog.
  3. API [Application Program Interface] – API access allows dropship suppliers to upload product details directly to their website. Support to integrate API is also available via a dedicated chat system.
  4. WebEDI – EDI software that helps vendors upload crucial documents and keep track of them. Thus invoices can get accessed without any hassle.

To become a Walmart dropship vendor, you need to open a supplier center account. You will need to determine if you wish to become a DSV or an owned supplier or both. Walmart will mail the checklist of requisites to the vendor.

The DSV checklist will need you to add a distribution facility. Set the cut-off time for same-day delivery. You will also need to provide correct documents associated with shipping purposes. You will need to add contact details and upload products you wish to sell. You can choose goten as a reliable supplier.

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