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Why Your Vacation Needs to Be Insured?

If you are new to travel, the term ‘travel insurance’ may be unheard of. Even to most people who travel more often, travel insurance looks like an unnecessary purchase. As long as the product has been around, travel insurance is not considered as a mandatory purchase for any kind of travel. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is especially true when you are away from home and without support.

What is travel insurance?

Let’s first understand what is travel insurance. Travel insurance is created with the idea that travel is an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it also comes with a lot of risks. Most of these risks are impossible to predict and difficult to manage in an unfamiliar region. The idea of ​​traveling is to experience new places and new things. However, this notion is only good as long as you have positive new experiences. You never know what will happen in the region you are travelling to for a vacation or business trip. Therefore, the best solution is to be prepared for as many situations as you can. Buying travel insurance is the best way to do that can cover as it covers a multitude of travel risks. Moreover, digitisation aids to buy travel insurance online too. Here are all the things that travel insurance covers:

  • Personal accident

Accidents can happen anywhere. When going abroad, this risk increases. Not only does the risk increase you have no way to know how to deal with the situation. This is because you do not know the rules and regulations of the foreign country. Travel insurance covers the costs of personal accidents. In case of unfortunate death of the policyholder and/or other beneficiaries, the sum assured will be paid to the nominee. In the case of injury, the medical costs of the treatment will be borne by the insurance company as well. *

  • Loss of baggage

Mistakes are what makes us human and even in the most ideal processes human error can occur. Managing check-in baggage is a well-coordinated process managed by humans. In fact, one in four people lose their luggage at the airport. You may receive your baggage late after a flight or lose it completely by misplacing it yourself or having it stolen. In such cases, you may have to bear unplanned expenses, e.g., expenses incurred for purchase of fresh clothes etc. Travel insurance covers such costs due to the total loss of check-in baggage or the delay in receiving check-in baggage. *

  • Loss of Passport

Imagine you are relaxing in Hawaii and you lose track of your belongings. There is certainly a strong possibility of this happening. Among all of these belongings, a passport is one of the most important ones, especially when in another country. If you lose your passport, you will land yourself in big trouble. Travel insurance can cover the costs of getting you a new temporary passport for the remainder of the trip. *

  • Civil unrest

In any part of the world, you cannot entirely rule out the possibility of riots, terrorist attacks or other types of civil unrest. Whether, you are travelling on land, water, or air, such a situation can be extremely dangerous. In such a situation, travel insurance provides a suffering allowance to the policyholder and other beneficiaries. *

* Standard T&C Apply

In addition, travel insurance provides medical coverage for times when unexpected medical exigencies spoil your trip. Citing these concerns, insurance companies have introduced travel insurance for senior citizens who are the most prone age-group. Travel insurance is a great tool to have while travelling, especially to another country. It essentially acts as a safety net so you can enjoy your stay in an unfamiliar location. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.


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