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What Kind Of Material Will You Need To Clear Off The Ground Before Building Work Starts?

The most basic rule of building a brand new structure is that the ground needs to be clear and flat first. You will need to hire the right kind of ground clearing machines that are fitted with robust buckets to make sure that everything is picked up and then transported away from the main building site. Then the building project can start without a single obstacle in the way.

Tractors are fantastic vehicles to use as ground clearing trucks because they are just as robust as other more traditional ground clearing trucks. The advantage of using a smaller tractor is that it can cover ground more quickly than other vehicles and can speed up the clearing process so that you stay on time and on the budget.

What are the different kinds of material that you will need to clear from the ground with the tractor that you hire?


When an old building has been demolished to make way for a new one, there will be a lot of loose bricks that need to be dealt with. Quality ground clearing machines in Lincolnshire can scoop these up in the bucket attached to the front. This will be very efficient and safe, and then building work can start once all of the bricks have been cleared.


When buildings are knocked down, it is not only bricks that need to be cleared from the site. You will also need to think about the plaster, glass and metal that the previous building contained. A ground clearing tractor with a large bucket attached to the front will be able to make light work of all the different material which needs to be cleared off the ground.

Tree Stumps

Sometimes trees need to be removed before building work can start. This is not an easy task for manual labourers, so you need to hire a land-clearing digger with an extremely robust bucket. The bucket with strong teeth will be able to break the tree stump down into smaller pieces and then the roots can be cut up as well. The stump will then be transported away from the building site easily and the project can commence.


Clearing uneven ground means that you will have to transport a lot of rocks away from the proposed building site. You should choose a land clearing vehicle that has a strong enough bucket to carry the weight of a lot of rocks. These rocks can be dealt with by extremely mobile tractor land clearers. The project will be sped up by the fact that you are using these extremely mobile vehicles in order to prepare the ground properly.

When you are clearing the ground for a new building project, you need to make sure that the vehicles you are using are of the highest quality. Tractors are excellent vehicles for land clearing because they are robust and agile.

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