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What do you mean by Disaster Recovery As A Service

A disaster recovery plan is very much needed by businesses. It helps them to recover quickly in case of any disaster or malfunction, for both hardware and software. It also reduces the downtime caused by software or hardware failure and in some cases it might even be able to prevent any loss of data from occurring.

The basic concept of disaster recovery as a service is based on two main elements, availability and data security. In case of any disaster your application will be unavailable or it might have limited capacity, however, in order to prevent any loss of data you must have data security and availability. In this article we shall discuss the benefits of disaster recovery as a service for small and medium sized businesses.

A disaster recovery as a service provides complete assistance and support to your business especially when there is a breakdown of software or hardware. In case of any unforeseen problem your disaster recovery provider will take care of everything including recovery, testing, setup, configuration, deployment and security. Since every business is unique from other companies’ disaster recovery will differ.

There are some companies which provide a one-off disaster recovery service while others offer a comprehensive, failover solution which will help you to avoid any further down time for your business. Therefore, the decision of choosing the right company needs to be done carefully.

These services will provide you with the following benefits – disaster recovery testing, configuration and deployment, easy-to-use administration panel, regular updates, easy access to the console and reporting, security testing, database recovery, site restoration, site recovery, troubleshooting and data recovery, reporting and graphing. All these services are provided by some of the best disaster recovery vendors. However, before you choose a service provider you need to check whether they are experienced and can provide the quality services that your business requires.

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