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The Importance of a Good Relationship with Your Immediate Supervisor

In every organisation one of the most critical roles is that of supervisor or team leader. At every level the happiness of your staff members is directly related to their relationship with their immediate superior. It doesn’t matter at what level of the organisation this is, but it does help to improve the quality of the overall company if you have good leaders in place at all sections of the company, leading by example and treating staff in a respectable way that demands loyalty, respect and kindness.

The first thing to say about the importance of supervisors is that if you have apt and qualified management in place at all levels it automatically makes for a more effective and streamlined business operation. Middle management figures are in many ways the most important part of any company. They help the flow of information go from senior management at the very top, down to the everyday staff members. It is all well and good having the statements from senior management about goals and targets for the company as a whole, but without the message being calmly and effectively transmitted from the top down it would be an ineffective message. A good supervisor understands how to best connect with his or her staff members, explaining to individuals and small teams how to achieve the goals and targets that have been set by the upper echelons of the company.

On the flip side, supervisors have an important role in sending messages back up the other way in the chain of command. Having a happy workplace is important to every business owner and one way in which staff can feel happy in their work is if staff engagement is on point. As a staff member your immediate supervisor is everything to you. They not only guide you on a daily basis through your tasks, offering helpful advice along the way, they are also there for any concerns you may have. Your immediate supervisor is someone you should be able to trust with anything, from private matters to those about tasks and processes you are confused by and other work related matters that you want to give as feedback to those higher up the company.

Employee engagement is so important in every successful company, and hiring the right people in the key position of supervisor for each team is a central part of that process. Those who are engaged and feel like a real part of the company, listened to by their supervisors and feel like their words are being listened to and appreciated are more likely to be more productive and effective in their work, support the main company targets and stay in the company even if they are offered a similar role elsewhere. It is these little details that can make a difference to the happiness of a workforce.

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