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The Benefits of Overflow Call Handling

If you are a business that is slowly building a strong customer base and you are reliant on phone calls you will be wary of missing out on calls that could be from potential clients or important correspondence from current suppliers. When first starting a company you’ll be used to being the person that does everything, from answering the calls to building the product and service you are selling, to delivering that product or service to clients. All aspects of the business have your face on it, but as the company grows and so to do your staff numbers, you’ll want to ensure that you are never missing out on potential opportunities for growth. That’s where a professional overflow call handling service can come to the rescue.

Overflow call handling is a system that offers a backup, a safety net, to your existing customer service team. Communication is always a central part of any thriving business and you need to be able to guarantee that should a call be made to your company, at any level or for any reason that the call is picked up. If the customer service team is full to capacity then you might miss a call that allows a brand new customer head over to a rival company instead. Having that backup in the busiest periods for your company ensures that you have the ability to create clear lines of communication at all times, for dialogue with colleagues and suppliers, but also for your customers to be able to reach you in order to purchase goods and services, or to raise complaints.

There will be spikes in demand for any company. Depending on the type of service you provide, or goods that you sell, this could be at times of the day and night where your regular staff are unavailable, or indeed at times when the demand far outstrips the capacity you have as a team. An overflow call handling system works so that in those times of stress, where capacity is stretched a call handling service takes the slack on your behalf. But how does it actually work?

A professional call handling service will involve a team of highly trained customer service agents that are well versed in everything relating to your business. The idea is that should a customer call your company number and not get through to a member of your own customer service team, they are re-routed through to an external company dealing with the overflow. That team has been trained in your company brand, the products and services that you offer and the customer should have no idea that the person they are speaking to does not work directly for the company they are calling.

An overflow call handling service is a fantastic way to relieve the pressure that many customer service teams feel at times of high demand. It can improve productivity and with the right choice of external service you can maintain high standards of customer service at all times.

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