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Need for Timely Maintenance and Regular Check of Restroom Truck

Maintaining your vacuum truck has been deemed of great importance for every business owner. It would not be wrong to suggest that you should be able to make the most of the vehicle with proper maintenance of the vehicle. Therefore, huge emphasis has been laid on the maintenance of the vehicle. Moreover, you do not wish to have a breakdown of your vehicle, as it would result in downtime of your business. With everything being made clear about the maintenance of your vacuum truck, are you aware of the duration of maintaining your truck? Let us delve into the topic further.

Maintenance of your truck

It has been made apparent that you should maintain the quality and functionality of the vacuum truck or trailer. However, it would be pertinent that you should look forward to maintaining the restroom truck as well. In event of your vacuum trailer or truck breaking down, you would be resorting to your restroom truck for deliveries. Therefore, you should lay emphasis on restroom truck maintenance. It would help you in your business to run without any unforeseen breakdown time.

How to maintain your restroom truck

The question would be important to a majority of people, as most drivers may not be aware on the frequent cleaning of the restroom truck. Therefore, they often tend to lay stranded in the middle of the road with their restroom truck that was supposed to help them on their time of need.

Checking for fuel and pump oil system

It would be pertinent that you check for fresh fuel in your restroom truck at all times. It should be ready for emergencies. In addition, you should check the pump system oil as well to be full and functional. You would be required to check the air filter, tire pressure and transmission oil as well. These checks would ensure that your restroom vehicle is ready for any time emergency. You would not be required to waste time checking for oil and tire pressure when the emergency strikes. To finish the checking part, you would be required to go through the hoses, discharge valves and suction valves along with the pressure gauge. These should be properly maintained to be functional in time of use.

Maintaining the restroom truck during operations

You would be required to keep a check on the vacuum gauge during operations. It would also be important that you check for hoses, main valves and secondary trap. In addition, you should ensure free flow of oil to vacuum pump during operation.

Maintenance after service trip

You would be required to drain the secondary trap and oil catch muffler after every trip.

Regular maintenance checks

You would be required to conduct a regular maintenance check on your restroom truck after every five hours of operation. Apart from cleaning and maintaining the parts and equipments of the restroom truck, you should ensure that you maintain the checks every week and at the end of the month. It would be imperative that yo0u take special care of your restroom truck to ensure timely delivery.


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