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Importance of Research in Agricultural

Do you know how are things discovered and invented? Do people stumble on the new discoveries? At times they really do. Most of the times discoveries are generally made through proper research that will involve several years of work and commitment.

But, what research has done for you & agriculture? The research has actually altered our living in many different ways. Standard of living that we enjoy right now is higher than what it was for our earlier generations. Many new discoveries may continue to happen, and it’s expected that the future generations may have higher standards of living.

It’s estimated that amount of the knowledge that humans have doubles in seven months. Thus, in seven months time, our society may have more knowledge of this world around us. The new scientific knowledge is applied to the technologies that are an outcome as well as application of the scientific principles and concepts.

What’s agriculture?

Agriculture and farming, is a simplification of the nature’s food webs & rechanneling of the energy for animal consumption and human planting.   To further simplify it for you, agriculture generally involves redirecting the natural flow of food web.

Thus natural the food web flow is- sun offers light to the plants.  And plants convert this sunlight in sugars that offer food for plants (process called as photosynthesis).  Plants offer food for the herbivores (animals eating plants) and herbivores offer food for carnivores (animals eating meat).  Decomposers and bacteria, break down the plants and animals that are died.  The nutrients from these animals and plants go back in the soil and entire process begins fresh.

What happens with the agriculture is this web gets interrupted.  Rather than having herbivores to eat plants, plants get protected for the human consumption.  It means that not just are the plant eating animals getting excluded from their food web, but even carnivorous animals and decomposers.  But, if the farmer is planting the corn to feed cattle, these cattle eat corn to live and fatten up and are slaughtered for the human consumption.  Although herbivore is eating plant (corn) web gets interrupted when cow gets killed for the human consumption.

Learn the Beginnings

Many people place beginnings of the formal agricultural research over late 18th century to mid-19th century. The relatively long phase was actually caused by many different factors. Firstly, most of the basic sciences were done in the early developmental stage. Actually, early scientists were highly trained chemists who applied their skills and abilities to the food production. Next, governments were quite reluctant to offer funding for the agricultural research.

Why’s Research Important?

Agriculture research is very important to know which treatments work right. This plays a very important role to discover new methods, and ensuring we make use of existing methods in a best way possible. Research will find various answers to the things, which are unknown and filling gaps in the knowledge as well as changing in a way this system work. Thus, it is very important that we look into detail and get more knowledge.

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