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HR marketing: The new trend on the block!

Human resources and marketing are two different chapters that professionals and entrepreneurs have learned in the management school. However, both are not exclusive or different from one another, especially in the current business world, where competition is escalating in every industry. HR marketing, as the name suggests, is the concept where marketing theories and practices are used extensively for human resources. This may sound new, but the need for HR marketing is evident for small and large businesses alike. Below is a quick overview.

Why is HR marketing important?

Agencies like Sept24 have really changed the concept of HR marketing by focusing on the right things. HR marketing is relevant because it allows businesses to acquire and retain top talent. This is similar to traditional marketing in many ways. For example – What are you trying to sell through a billboard ad? The answer is like to be a product or service. Similarly, HR marketing allows you to sell your company as one of the better places to work for talents. This may involve a bunch of steps (we will include them later), which extends the role of the HR department beyond hiring and firing. HR marketing is about convincing top talent to work for your company, and for that, an attractive proposition is necessary.

To sum up things, here’s why HR marketing is important –

  • Businesses want to hire the top talent
  • Employees need to know what they are getting from a company beyond the salary
  • Businesses want to retain their HR resources
  • Employees are interested in knowing the future prospects

What does it involve?

HR marketing firms work on the process from scratch for each client, and usually, the steps can be summed up as follows-

  • Research
  • Production and employer brand deployment
  • Planning digital strategy
  • Talent acquisition plan

  • Creating a manifesto
  • Focusing on internal workshops, presentations
  • Reviewing current HR marketing practices

When it comes to HR marketing, you need a company that understands the needs of your business and can offer comprehensive assistance on all aspects. They must also work within the budget and must have the experience of working with small and large firms. Don’t shy away from discussing your business goals or things you expect while hiring talent. Keep in mind that HR marketing is a customized process, which is further discussed and redesigned to meet the needs and expectations of the concerned business.

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