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How To Keep Your Vaping Experience A Pleasurable One

You must ensure that your vaping experience remains pleasurable if you want to be successful in using it to help you quit smoking, and there are many things you can do that can help you with this. Ensuring that you love your vape device and juice will help to stop you from giving it up and returning to smoking, which is the last thing you want to do. Doing some basic maintenance can help keep your vaping device tasting delicious, and below, you can find some tips that can help keep your vaping experience fantastic and one that you thoroughly enjoy.

Use The Correct Vape Juice In Your Device

If you do not use the correct type of vape juice in your device with the correct VG/PG ratio, your vaping experience will not be as pleasurable. If you use a sub-ohm vaping device, you can use vape juice with a higher concentration of VG (vegetable glycerine), which can help you produce more vape smoke. However, if you are not using a device with sub-ohm coils, you should stick to using e-liquids with a 50/50 ratio.

Replacement Parts

You will also need to ensure you have spare parts for your vaping device, as things like atomisers, coils, and pods will require replacing. After using your vaping device for a while, you will learn to recognise when the flavour changes of the vape juice, which is a sign that your coil/atomiser/pod needs to be changed. You will want to ensure that you always have replacement parts available so you can always vape and stop the temptation of smoking cigarettes again when you do not have spare parts for your vape.

Rotate Your Vape Juice Flavours

When shopping for vape juice from reputable retailers, such as Vapoholic, e-liquid is available in a wide assortment of flavours. If you keep using the same flavour all the time, your tastebuds become accustomed t it and almost blind to the taste. One way to combat this is by rotating the flavours of vape juice you regularly use, which will make them always taste crisp, fresh, and delicious. With so many delicious flavours of vape juice available, you can have a different one each day of the week if you want, but cleaning your vaping device may be a pain.

Keeping Your Vaping Device Clean

It is also vital to keep your vaping device clean to keep it tasting fantastic, and ideally, you will want to clean your device every time you rotate the flavours of vape juice. You will want to clean out your tank with warm soapy water and ensure you rinse it thoroughly. Also, clean the contacts between the battery and the device and give your mouthpiece a clean. Ensure that your prime your coil correctly before using your device again, and when you do, the flavour of the vape juice will taste fantastic.

If you follow the advice above, you can help enhance your vaping experience and ensure it is pleasurable and you avoid going back to smoking cigarettes.

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