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Follow Me Printing – Centralised Printing

We’ll all know about that moment before an essential meeting you are in the printer to gather a print job but rather end up sifting through piles of paper attempting to locate your document in among individuals of the colleagues and goodness knows what else. Or you are inside a different area of the office and also you understand you’ve printed individuals papers you possessed towards the wrong device… It might be surprising to listen to that each of the scenarios outlined listed here are entirely avoidable with an easy follow-me printing solution, could rapidly be a factor of history. Follow-me, centralised printing or ‘secure print’ because the technologies are also called, helps to ensure that documents are just ever printed when they’re ‘requested’ or ‘pulled’ from the given device by an approved user, so that they will never be left mounting up unclaimed and could be collected no matter where is easiest or quickest for your particular user. Besides individuals individual user benefits, for just about any organisation, follow-me printing is an easy method to cut paper waste, spread printing burdens and improve document security. Here, we offer introducing we’ve got the technology as well as an outline of a number of follow-me printing’s primary advantages…


In many typical printing environments without follow-me printing abilities, users themselves decide wherever they would like to print a document while still in their workstation. Most will tend to decide on the nearest operational printer and/or the one which prints within the colour they might require. However in offices where you can find multiple devices being used, it is easy to create mistakes with regards to selecting where you can send documents. A digit or perhaps a letter wrong on the drop-lower printer menu along with a document reaches the incorrect printer on the other hand from the building. Or simply a user chooses the nearest device that also is actually typically the most popular and thus energy is spent in the printer while other users’ tasks are being performed. The traditional product is pretty aimless at the very best of occasions however in the worst light, it’s frequently slow, fairly inefficient and never always probably the most cost-effective. Follow-me printing can address all these issues.

Follow-Me Printing

By staging and compartmentalising the printing process, follow-me printing can effectively get rid of the problems outlined above along with the connected financial and time costs. Unlike conventional printing, in which a user is networked straight to a tool, follow-me printing deploys a print server among devices and users’ jobs. While ordinarily, whenever a user selects ‘print’ the task will start to be processed instantly with a selected device, follow-me printing first transmits the task to some print server. It is just whenever a user approaches confirmed device, which may be any device around the network that that user has authorization the job is ‘pulled’ in the server, where it’s been temporarily stored and performed, ‘on demand’, immediately. To drag employment (or jobs) from the device, with respect to the hardware installed, users either key in a person ID code to recognize themselves, or maybe a card readers continues to be placed on a tool, placed their ID cards around the card sensor or swipe their cards, where there’s a magnetic readers installed.

In case, you were worried about your company spending excessively on your printing needs, you should search for appropriate solution. It has been mentioned here that you should make the most of the internet to provide you secure print The company would cater to your printing needs in the best possible manner.

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