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Five Benefits of Installing Automated Case-Erecting Machines in Manufacturing Units

With few exceptions, almost all startup companies and small CPG manufacturers are known to start with at least some capital investment in equipment. However, full automation of their end-of-line packaging is adopted at later stages. Although manual and semi-automatic case erectors are common for newly incorporated or growing companies, there might be some cost when relying on these packaging techniques. This is why a manufacturing unit shifts to an automatic case erector. This article enlists the benefits of installing automated case erecting machines in manufacturing companies.

  • Increase speed

Now that both semi-automated and manual case erector models are dependent on human hands to open and manipulate the case blanks, it becomes a time-consuming operation. Even if a manufacturing unit has an A-team on manual case forming, one worker will take at least 2 to 5 minutes to pack a product. On the other hand, an automatic case erector can produce up to 30 per minute, improving throughput immediately.

  • Reduce backlog

Building cases by hand is a time and labor-intensive task. Before packing, workers are required first to assemble a sufficient supply of built cases which only adds production time and ends up taking up valuable floor space. An automated case erecting machine is capable of building cases on an as-needed basis, which further frees up space on the floor for other essential purposes.

  • Ease of operation

With automated care erectors, there is little or no handling of corrugated cardboard blanks during formation. The machine opens, squares, and seals the bottom of all cases. A manufacturing unit just needs an operator to load the blanks and enter dimensions, and the machine does the remaining work.

  • Faster changeovers

One main reason manufacturing units are hesitant to invest in new equipment is the need for skilled operators to complete a changeover. Today’s automatic case erector is specifically designed to complete changeovers in minutes. When multiple different-sized cases are required for a given line, easy changeovers will come in handy to reduce downtime and give operators more time to focus on other production operations.

  • More innovative uses for labor resources

In the past few years, a labor shortage and low unemployment have created challenges for manufacturing units. It is usually found difficult to fill in the jobs of forming boxes and cases for 8 to 10-hour shifts. Automatic case erecting machines has helped manufacturing companies free up time that would otherwise be spent recruiting and screening for a high-turnover role. Also, businesses can now use personnel resources more strategically.


Now that automatic case erecting machines provide several benefits, it is economical for the manufacturing units to install these machines for seamless packaging. When looking forward to installing fully automated case erectors, make sure to purchase ones that can provide quick set-ups, quick and trouble-free changeovers, consistently square cases, less wear and tear, and less maintenance. Also, don’t forget to train workers to operate these machines efficiently.

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