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Exploring Different Types Of Bagging Machines

Bagging machines are used in filling and sealing bags that are made of either paper or plastic. The main application of the industrial bagging machine is for packaging powdered and granular materials such as flour, starch, gypsum, graphite, sugar, etc in the construction and fertilizer industries. There are many different types of bagging machines that use custom configurations to pack different types of products.

  • Small Bag Filling Machines

The main application of these small bag filling machines is to weigh and fill bags and pouches with different types of products like popcorn, spices, coffee beans, salt, candy, and more. Additionally, this type of industrial bagging machine is used to fill boxes and several different types of rigid containers. These machines can either be semi-automatic or fully automatic and thus, greatly increases the bag filling speed compared to filling and weighing bags manually. All weight fill machines feature a smart controller allowing for easy setup and adjustments on the fly so that different types of products can be filled.

  • Valve Bagging Machines

Valve bagging machines, also called spout baggers feature a fully enclosed spout to fill through a ‘valve’ on a plastic or paper bag. Valve bags are self-closing or self-sealing and no bag closing heat sealer or sewing machine is required. Dust emissions and product spills are minimized using such industrial machines which further results in a cleaner work environment. The valve bagging machines are further classified into four categories including auger, gravity-fed, impeller, and air. These particular machines are known for filling the valve bags at rates up to 12 bags per minute or 720 bags per hour.

  • Open Mouth Bagger Machines

Open mouth bagger machines are equipped with a larger spout so that open mouth style bags, boxes, burlap sacks, and more can be filled. On one hand, larger bagger machines typically fill the bags weighing 20 to 110 pounds with the help of mechanical or digital scales at rates up to 24 bags each minute. On the other hand, smaller bagger machines typically fill the bags weighing 1 to 25 pounds with the help of mechanical or digital net weigh scales at rates up to more than 30 bags each minute.

  • Bulk Bag Filling Machines

Bulk bag filling machines are efficient enough to fill bulk bags or flexible intermediate bulk containers with different wet and dry bulk products. These types of industrial machines can be permanent and placed under a hopper, or can also be portable and shifted around from one filling station to the other. The bulk bag filling machine features an adjustable bag height from 42 inches to 60 inches and typical scale weight accuracy is +/- 0.5% to 1% for basic or mid-range models and +/- 0.25% to 0.5% for standard models.


Several factors are to be considered for choosing the industrial bagging machine suiting the business requirements. These factors consist of the types, bulk density, flow characteristics of the products, types, weight, dimensions, number of the bags that are to be filled, and many other considerations.

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