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Cancer Prevention/Reversal: Existence-Saving Things You Need To Know

Presently, the state story on cancer hyped through the medical/pharmaceutical establishment’s progenitors cancer Research division and the assistance of their backed mainstream media goes such as this:

“We are still looking for that elusive ultimate goal, solution for cancer… Eventually we’ll crack it, on the other hand submit your necessary donation… “

Any genuine cancer investigator hearing his/her heart would understand that cancer research deliberately runs using a greatly controlled and limited paradigm approach that is a massive deceptiveness as this limitation suits a number of individuals in high places to keep a lot of money by not locating a solution: If your solution was discovered then that will mean cured patients no more requiring treatment and cash lost in treatment sales.

Therefore, this essentially puts profits within the genuine welfare concern of individuals. The federal government are very pleased to keep your established order simply because they too keep a lot of money from revenues…

Cancer Research in the limitation doesn’t go ahead and take holistic approach focussing around the mind-body-spirit connection for cancer prevention/reversal. That is because this requires numerous cheap, natural health approaches that will indeed seriously compromise the medical/pharmaceutical establishment’s profit machine.

Not only this. Anybody found practising alternative natural health based holistic medicine it doesn’t matter how effective the therapy is perfect for curing cancer may finish up in deep challenge with the large boys from the medical/pharmaceutical establishment. They might face seizure of apparatus, charges of illegal practice ultimately resulting in jail time… only for saving lives. To avert this some have emigrated and hang up practices far away like Mexico in which the laws and regulations don’t apply.

In the holistic natural health perspective the important thing to cancer prevention/reversal exists in 4 existence-saving factors. I wouldn’t guarantee lengthy-term success in remaining cancer-free or no these 4 factors are overlooked. They from the very fabric in our expereince of living, however the dunces from the Cancer Research establishment pay little if any focus on this stuff. They’re:

1. Nutritional – Good wholesome natural non-processed organic food a minimum of 80% raw

2. Your brain-body-spirit connection

3. Get some exercise regularly and…

4. Toxicity – Avoidance of both chemical and electromagnetic toxins

The objective of his article isn’t to enter the intricacies of the aforementioned. I’ve written a great deal about these 4 elements in the past articles. It can be the readers to investigate… However, I’ve discovered that generally, the greater committed one is to enquiring in to the nature of the items causes us to be healthy regarding individuals above 4 factors the much more likely he/she’ll discover the answer to durability.

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